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In 1962 the Hanseatic Uwe Schröder and Hans-Heinrich Pünjer founded the company HENKE & CO - which initially concentrated on selling textiles profitably. First official act: the sale of Indian terry towels. More men's clothing follows - until the first corduroy trousers are marketed under the name "Tom". The cornerstone of an idea has been laid.

Our brand story

Every look has a story to tell. Our story begins in 1962; Hamburg-based Uwe Schröder and Hans-Heinrich Pünjer founded HENKE & CO, a textile trading company. In focus: terry towels.

Two years later they bring to market their first cords; naming the design „Tom“. A milestone for our company. A mission statement. A direction. A vision.

It’s 1972 when the first men’s collection comes forth; with self-branded tees already making a statement for freedom and adventure. It’s the spirit of discovery that guides us to this day.

1979 marks the next big step: Uwe adds “Tailor“ to the already established “Tom“ and creates today’s brand. Tom Tailor is born.

Ever since our foundation we have come a long way. We have grown. Our brand family has grown. Our market has grown.

Today there are 2.950 employees working for Tom Tailor all around the globe; in more than 30 countries, 1.200 own stores and 11.000 further point of sales.

All along this way we never forgot who we are. We remained true to ourselves. As a „Hanseatic original“ we choose which waves to dive in to; which trends we follow. We are a casual lifestyle brand. With a casual attitude, an easy manner and a modern approach that is about diversity and individuality.