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Die Giorgio Armani Group ist ein weltweit führendes Mode- und Luxusgüterunternehmen mit Firmensitz in Mailand. Der Name Giorgio Armani steht wie kein anderer für italienische Mode und klassisches Design. Das inhabergeführte und international agierende Unternehmen vertreibt weltweit Mode- und Lifestyle Produkte.

The Armani Group is one of the leading fashion and luxury goods groups in the world today with 10,500 direct employees, 12 production plants and more than 2,704 boutiques in 60 countries around the world. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products including apparel, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, home interiors, fragrances and cosmetics under a range of brand names: Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and A|X Armani Exchange.

"Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered."
Giorgio Armani

The Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Women’s show is about vibrations: they run across entire surfaces in undulating movements and rippling weaves, they expand the chromatic scale to touch notes of bronze and silver and light up in precious greens and purples, only to arrive at a white that permeates the evenings.

Like a breeze. The Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 Women’s fashion show embodies summer: a radiant, weightless collection made of the lightest fabrics discreetly illuminated by touches of metallics and iridescence, woven and embroidered, yet impalpable as veils.

Weaving a story. The Giorgio Armani Men’s SS24 Collection represents a new storyline composed of familiar elements, but narrated from different angles to weave a new story. Forms are soft and lengthened, intertwining threads either explicit or evoked in prints that imitate knots, weaves with a summery feel and geometry multiplied for rhythm. The body is never overtly exposed but the energy that animates the lightweight volumes is palpable. Intertwining notes of blue, sand and natural tones provide the chromatic completion to this particularly light and fresh collection, which includes shoes and sandals similarly characterised by knots and weaves. It's a story in which everything comes together.

The essence of the night. The Spring Summer Men’s 2024 collection represents a return to the essence of Emporio Armani, purified to the core and seen through the filter of moonlight, which glints over a seascape, parched rocks and desert scenes. In this taut play of reduction, the unique recurring motif is a stylized ginkgo: with a history of 250 million years and the ability to adapt to both eras and environments, here the ginkgo is a symbol of elegance and endurance, a metaphor for the Emporio Armani style at once timely and timeless.